What Causes Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are so feared by so many people that just thinking about them gives most people the heebie-jeebies. Bed bugs do like people and congregate in areas with a high population density.  This makes it easier for them to hitch a ride with a new host to feed on (you!) and easily infest a new location.

Remember that having a bed bug infestation does not imply that you are dirty. Simply put, you came into contact with an infected area.

The Primary Causes of Bed Bug Infestations

Because bed bugs are such tiny creatures, you may wonder how they spread and cause such terrible infestations. They move from one infested area to another, lay eggs, and multiply rapidly in their new host’s area.


The most common cause of bed bug infestations is travel, both domestically and internationally. Hotels, motels, and Airbnb’s with high turnover rates are ideal places to pick up bed bugs.

You may bring home bed bugs not only from sleeping on the beds in these accommodations, but they may also find their way into your luggage if you place it on the bed or other furniture. 

Purchasing Used Furniture

Why pay full price when you can get something nearly new at a lower cost?

Another source of bed bug infestation is purchasing used furniture or receiving it from a friend or relative. You may unknowingly purchase a piece of furniture that already has bed bugs or eggs in it, ready to bite you.

Use a flashlight to inspect the edges, seams, and any cracks in the furniture for bed bugs before purchasing used furniture. 

Colleges and Schools

Another way for bed bugs to spread is through schools, colleges, and even daycare centers. Because these insects spread so easily through clothing and other cloth materials, your children may unknowingly bring them home from school or during college breaks.

When your children return home, they will lie on the couch or crawl into bed, and guess what? Bed bugs have discovered a new location to rest, eat, and infest.

There are some things you can do to avoid a bed bug infestation in the first place:

  1. Clean frequently at home. Wash your sheets once a week and dry them on high heat in the dryer. Keep areas clean and clutter-free by vacuuming regularly. 
  2. Before sitting or lying on the bed while traveling, use a flashlight to inspect the bottom seams and folds. You’ll have no trouble seeing these tiny insects. Also, avoid putting your suitcase on furniture or where the wall meets the floor.

Bed bugs are no joke. They are difficult to remove on your own and require a great deal of attention to detail and patience. 

In most cases, hiring a professional bed bug exterminator is the best option. This should be your first choice because they are experienced and have the necessary tools and techniques to quickly eradicate your bed bug infestation.   

If you are experiencing a bed bug problem, contact FL Bed Bug Experts to safely get rid of the bed bugs and exterminate your home.  Call or text for help now! 813.922.8475

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