The Rise of Bed Bug Infestations: Why They’re a Growing Problem and How to Address Them

Bed bugs were once a critter of the past but they have now come back with a vengeance and are infesting homes from all over the world. What makes matters worse is that bed bugs are indoor pests, which means the season or temperature outside does little to affect their presence.

In this article, we question why bed bug infestations on the rise are again, what facts can help us better understand how to eradicate bed bugs, and also what the best ways are to prevent them from coming into our homes.

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Why Are Bed Bug Infestations On The Rise?

There could be many contributing factors as to why bed bugs have slowly become more prevalent in recent years. Below, we explore the most common ideas behind the widespread outbreak.

Increase In Travel

Experts say that the increase in densely populated areas plus the boost in travel help spread infestations faster. Studies show that there was a significant decrease in bed bug sightings during the global pandemic because all of us were forced to stay home.

Bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers and can stay in suitcases, on clothes, and shoes. Because of this, more movement of people can result in more movement of these pests. Not only will the public be exposed through hotel rooms, but those on public transport are not safe either.


Bed bugs are a year-round type of pest and do not get too affected by the weather or season. While they do have a harder time surviving in extreme heat or harsh cold, they are resilient enough and adapt well. The main difference in their behavior during warmer environments is that they often reproduce faster when humidity is high. In colder months, they can hibernate and conserve their energy.

Pesticide Resistance

The growing pesticide resistance in most pests makes them harder to prevent completely. Due to the rise in pesticide use, pests of all sizes and origins have slowly adapted over the years. This signifies a need for newer pest control methods that can be attained through natural and environmentally friendly means. Relying too much on rapidly manufactured chemicals not only harms the areas we apply them to, but they also only offer a temporary solution.

Bed Bug Facts: Things To Know About The Pest

To better understand how to deter, eliminate, and prevent bed bugs, it’s best we learn a little more about them, their capabilities, and their weaknesses.

Bed Bugs Cannot Fly or Swim

Bed bugs are flat pests that get around by crawling about a meter a minute. They cannot fly, nor they can swim.

Bed Bugs Reproduce At A Slower Pace

Female bed bugs can only produce one egg per day, which takes an average of 10 days to hatch. Once hatched, the offspring takes about five weeks to develop into a full-grown bed bug and reproduce as well. During colder seasons, this process may be even slower.

Bed Bugs Can Survive A Full Year Without Eating

At high temperatures, bed bugs can typically survive 3 months without a meal. However, in cooler areas, they can live up to a full year without ever needing to eat or drink for sustenance.

Bed Bugs Can Be Also Be Found in High-Income Homes

Many often associate bed bug infestations with low-income housing when in fact, these pests are not picky. They can also be found in upper-class homes and even in 5-star hotels. The advantage of these properties, however, is they have the means to detect an infestation early and have the resources to eliminate it quickly. The reason they are more prevalent in urban communities is due to the dense population and the general lack of funds for proper pest control.

Bed Bugs Do Not Transmit Diseases

There are no studies that suggest bed bugs can transmit diseases. However, their bites can cause an infection as they harbor human pathogens.

Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs

  • Confirm that they are bed bugs and not ticks. By determining the type of pest, you can better control them.
  • Deep clean the space to reduce hiding places and wash your bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases.
  • Vacuum rugs, furniture, beds, cracks on the walls, closets, and everywhere else.
  • Call a professional.


Many reasons point to why are bed bug infestations on the rise again. For some households, they can be hard to detect and harder to control. For more efficient bed bug elimination and prevention, call our team of professionals at FL Bed Bug Experts today!

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