Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Dealing with bed bugs can be a frustrating experience. They can cause itching, irritation, and, in worse cases, allergic reactions. When bed bugs are inside your rooms, sleeping soundly becomes impossible.

From mood swings to decreased productivity and even psychological stress and anxiety, a bed bug infestation can take a heavy toll on you.

Thus, you may wonder, how do bed bugs spread so fast? Do they walk? Can they run? Worse yet, can they fly?

Understanding how bed bugs can get inside is key to prevention and treatment.

Are There Different Types of Bed Bugs?

The Cimex lectularius is the most common bed bug species found at home. These small, oval-shaped creatures aren’t invisible. You may not just see them unless you’re looking. 

It’s easy to think that bed bugs can fly because of how fast they spread. However, the truth is that bed bugs rely on crawling to move. 

Bed bugs can travel three to four feet every minute. This is enough for a bed bug to travel to multiple rooms. Once inside, they can go unnoticed for weeks. If you feel their bites, you might already be dealing with an infestation.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread So Fast If They Can’t Fly?

Bed bugs can’t fly. They don’t have the physical features for it. For starters, they don’t have wings. Instead, they rely on their flat bodies and the microscopic bristles on their legs. These allow bed bugs to cling to different surfaces, including glass doors and windows.

Their size makes it easy to squeeze into nooks and crevices. They can hitchhike and latch onto clothing and luggage, eventually infesting your lovely abode if you’re not careful.

Do DIY and Eco-Friendly Treatments Work Against Bed Bugs?

Using steam cleaning, essential oils, and Diatomaceous Earth can work against bed bugs if there isn’t a full-blown infestation yet. But, even with early bed bug sightings, these DIY methods have limited success rates and require long-term, consistent application. To make matters worse, they don’t address the root cause of the problem – where the bed bugs came from. 

For a more comprehensive solution against these annoying, seed-sized creatures, you need expert help.

Can I Apply Anti-Bed Bug Chemicals On My Own?

Yes, you can. It’s just not advisable.

Without proper knowledge and training, using chemical insecticides can do more harm than good.

Here are the risks of improper chemical use:

  • Environmental contamination
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Exposure to toxicity

The worst thing that can happen if you use chemicals to eliminate bed bugs from your house is that it fails. Bed bugs that survive an initial wave of pesticides can develop a higher resistance. This will make future treatments more difficult, even for seasoned veterans in the pest industry.

Why Pest Control Experts Are Your Best Hope

Complete and total bed bug annihilation can only happen with the help of a licensed pest control professional.

By outsourcing your bed bug nightmare to a proven contractor in the pest removal industry, you enjoy the following benefits:

Expert Knowledge

You’re paying these contractors for the experience and knowledge that they’ve built up over the years. They’ve come up against different kinds of infestation situations and know the best way to address each specific issue.

Entry Point Removal

To keep bed bugs out, you have to prevent them from getting in first. Pest control specialists know where bed bugs love to hide and what entry points they prefer to get inside. They can eliminate and shut off these areas so bed bugs can’t get inside or hide inside your living space.

Use of Safe and Effective Methods

Pest management companies have access to safe and effective EPA-approved pesticides and other alternative treatment methods.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Ensuring the complete removal of bed bugs from your household requires a comprehensive treatment plan designed for your individual needs. They’ll work closely with you to make recommendations based on their initial findings and diagnosis. Their goal is to solve the problem now and prevent more complications.


Bed bugs, unfortunately, don’t go away forever. They can come back if you’re not careful. With proper pest management advice, you can at least enjoy your bed bug-free sanctuary for longer.

Make Bed Bugs Fly Away From Your Home

Bed bugs may not be able to fly, but they sure can make your life worse. 

These crawling creatures are hard to get rid of on your own, even with constant and proper application of DIY eco-friendly methods. Using chemicals can help. They can also do more harm than good if you aren’t trained and equipped to handle them. 

Contacting a qualified pest control professional is the best way to ensure a safe and effective solution to a bed bug infestation.

At FL Bed Bug Experts, we have over 30 years of experience dealing with the worst infestations imaginable. We stake our reputation as a family-owned and operated pest control company on the quality of service we deliver. The best part? We can guarantee a lower price than the competition!

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