Can an Exterminator Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, minuscule insects that feed on human blood, not only jeopardize our health but also disrupt our sleep. 

Getting rid of infestations is an arduous task due to their rapid reproduction. Thus, it is crucial to identify the opportune moment for enlisting the services of a professional exterminator.


Should I Consider Hiring an Exterminator?

Identify the Bed Bugs

Before reaching out to an exterminator, it’s important to determine whether you’re dealing with an infestation by identifying where bed bugs hide

Bed bugs, which are nocturnal insects, leave noticeable bite marks on humans. Look out for flat, oval-shaped bugs that are typically around 5mm long and have a brown color. 

Additionally, during your inspection, you may come across small blood spots on your bed, indicating the presence of bed bugs in close proximity.

DIY Treatment

Homeowners often opt for DIY solutions to deal with pest infestations, but it’s not recommended for treating bed bugs. These resilient insects are immune to conventional pesticides and can develop resistance to homemade remedies like tea tree oil, vinegar, and baking soda over time.

Call an Exterminator

When everything else falls short, it’s time to call the exterminator. 

They employ advanced methods such as heat treatments, vacuuming, steam cleaning, and insecticides to successfully eradicate bed bugs. So you can rest soundly again.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Exterminators employ various methods to eliminate bed bugs, including heat treatment. This method utilizes special equipment to heat the infested room to temperatures of 120-135°F, swiftly killing both bed bugs and their eggs.

They employ additional techniques such as fogging and the application of pesticides.

Fogging entails releasing chemicals in the room to kill both bed bugs and their eggs. This method is effective for light to moderate infestations. While the chemicals are generally safe for humans and pets, it’s necessary to evacuate the room for a few hours or longer before it is safe to re-enter.

The other method involves applying pesticides to infested areas, furniture, walls, and baseboards. Professional exterminators with experience are crucial in ensuring the safe and effective use of pesticides.

Can Exterminators Completely Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Many believe exterminators can eliminate bed bugs, but in reality, they can only minimize their presence. 

Completely eradicating these pests is nearly impossible. Bed bugs are adept at hiding and can survive months without feeding. 

Hence, consistent and thorough treatment by experienced exterminators, including regular inspection and treatment of infested areas, is crucial.

Banishing Bed Bugs: Bringing in the Experts for Effective Control and Prevention

Bed bugs are unpleasant insects that can invade any home. If you’ve tried DIY solutions to control them and failed, then calling an exterminator is the best option, as they have the right knowledge, tools, and equipment to control bed bugs. After an exterminator has treated your home, you must keep it clean and regularly inspect it for bed bugs to avoid future infestations.

FL Bed Bugs Experts can assist in safeguarding your home against bed bugs and eradicating the issue for good. Our highly skilled team specializes in implementing effective control and prevention techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes with minimal hassle. Reach out to us today to discover more about how we can help you!

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