Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs in your home can be very alarming and downright traumatizing for some people.  The first thing people usually do is panic when they find out that bed bugs have invaded their homes. Take a deep breath and know, there is hope: Bed Bug Heat Treatments. The best thing to do is to call a professional bed bug exterminator immediately.  You have to take action and move on this ASAP before the infestation gets out of control.  This article will help you learn more about bed bug infestations and how heat treatments will help you quickly eliminate them.

The Initial Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

 One of the first initial signs of bed bugs that people generally experience is bed bug bites.  If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you may even start waking up with itchy red bumps or hives that look like a skin rash, typically on your arms, legs, and back.  If you have experienced these symptoms, you may have a case of bed bugs in your home. Approximately 20% of the population is allergic to bed bug bites and will actually show signs of being bitten and suffer the above-mentioned symptoms.  On a positive note, if you’re one of the 20%, most likely the allergic reaction will prompt you to look into the situation sooner rather than later. The earlier the detection, the better.

When you think of bed bugs, the first thing that comes to mind may be the bites. While this is a vital sign to look for, here are a few other signs that could help indicate that you have a bed bug infestation.

  • Blood stains on sheets and mattresses. Small, dark spots on the mattress. The spots indicate an infestation but may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • More prominent, dark brown or black spots on the walls or other surfaces. These are signs that the insects have been there for some time, and their numbers have increased.
  • The presence of live bed bugs on exposed areas such as under furniture or behind loose wallpaper.
  • A strong, musty odor.
  • Eggs that look like tiny grains of rice.

Bed Bug Extermination

There are several ways to kill bed bugs ranging from liquid application (pesticide or natural), freeze treatment, and fumigation to thermal remediation.  ALL bed bug treatment options are costly due to the fact that they are not your average household pest.  They are extremely difficult to eradicate and it may take one or several treatments and/or methodologies to successfully kill all life cycle stages of bed bugs and their eggs.

A heat treatment, also known as thermal remediation, is by far the best solution for getting rid of bed bugs quickly and safely.  The heat treatment service is incredibly effective—99.9% of all bed bugs are killed with this treatment.  It is also very safe and eco-friendly as there is no need to spray harmful chemicals used in pesticides, putting you and your family at risk. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment: What to Expect

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect: first, the technician will assess your home to determine the best treatment plan. Then, they’ll set up the equipment and begin heating the entire location. The goal is to get the temperature up to a minimum of 120 degrees, killing any live bed bugs and their eggs.

The home will need to be evacuated while the treatment is being done, however, it is only for the day of the service. Typically the average bed bug heat treatment takes between 6-8 hours, depending on the level of bed bug infestation and the size of the home. Treatment methods such as fumigation, not only require a three-day evacuation, it will greatly increase your risk of becoming re-infested. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and will tag along for the ride with their host and your belongings, possibly infesting new locations and re-infesting your home upon your return. 


It’s essential to be aware of potential signs of bed bugs and follow advised preventative measures. This can be difficult if you don’t know what should prompt your concern, but it shouldn’t be too hard with some guidance and education. Remember that any signs of bed bug infestation can increase your risk for exposure, so being mindful and proactive is always best!

Please call FL Bed Bug Experts for a free consultation and to see if a heat treatment is right for you.  Call or text now at 813.922.8475, we are happy to help you.

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